The benefits platform for your remote team

We are the first benefits management platform designed
for companies with distributed teams across Latin America and the world.

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The Problem

We understand how challenging it is to manage benefits for a remote team

HR and People teams want to provide the best experience to their distributed teams. However, delivering the same benefits to remote employees is time-consuming, expensive, and often challenging to determine where to start.

Managing suppliers across multiple countries is

Managing and paying benefit providers in multiple countries is time-consuming for HR and finance teams

Not being in the same country as our collaborators makes it even more challenging

Some benefits, such as healthcare, are challenging to manage when the
company lacks a local entity where the collaborator is based

How can we assist you from Atlas?

Providing benefits with Atlas to your distributed team is easy and quick ❤️

Benefits platform for Latin America

Manage all your benefits from one central location

You no longer need to contract different benefits separately. Atlas partners with the best health, fitness, dining, entertainment, and more providers, so you don't have to.

Offer +100 benefits to your employees with just one click

Atlas partners with the best benefits from Latin America and the world (Rappi, PedidosYa, Gympass, WeWork, and many more) so you don't have to.

Centralize benefit payments in one single place

Simplify benefit payment management by doing it in one place. Forget about paying different providers in different currencies. Atlas takes care of it all.

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Make your team feel valued through benefits

Enjoyable experiences to show how much you care


The best healthcare and telemedicine companies.


Offer workspaces to your collaborators.


Lunch for your team, easy and fast.


The best gym and fitness options.

Education and languages

To support your team's ongoing growth.

We work with them to provide your benefits

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See all your benefit options

Tax tool

Taxes made easy

Our end to end benefit will take out the stress of your contractors of managing local taxes.

Different alternatives for different teams

Choosing the option that best suits
your company

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Flexible benefits

Set a budget per employee and let them choose which benefits they want to use

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Corporate benefits

Choose which benefits you want to offer to your employees, and Atlas takes care of everything

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Gifts and recognitions

Our platform for sending one-time gift cards and gifts to your employees in Latin America

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Our clients recommend us

Testimonials from companies offering benefits with Atlas :)

“It's easier for us to recruit candidates knowing they have Atlas for benefits.”

Valentin Rodriguez

Co-founder, Avvy

“No podría delegar en una sola persona hoy todo el trabajo que hace Atlas. Tener Atlas hoy es como tener un equipo de HR interno."

Marcelo Beresvil

CFO & Partner, Binbash

Let's talk about your
benefits plan

If you're considering offering benefits to your employees in Latin America and around the world,
we can assist you. Schedule a call with our team of advisors to learn how we can work together.

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