We all deserve
a happy worklife  wherever we are

In todays world, there is still a bias between local versus global talent.
Yet, great talent lives everywhere. We are reimagining the global talent ecosystem by creating a new status quo around remote collaboration, where employers are able to create a strong global culture and everybody feels they belong.

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Our story

Hey! We’re Atlas

a group of people

When you start out as an independent contractor and team up with a new company for a particular project or set of projects, there’s often a bit of a culture clash. previously, your local employer may have handled a lot of the backend legwork in relation to taxes and benefits. Now, you’re the one seeing these tasks. 

If you're working internationally, you’ll need to withdraw your salary without losing a big portion of it due to wire transfers, and you’ll also file your local taxes and pay for your own healthcare and other benefits.

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Our values

What’s important to us

A go-getter Attitude

if you want something — go get it! We see value in moving forward rather than circling around something that isn’t working.

No egos

We make tech-heavy topics simple to grasp and talk to our customers and community in a way they can understand.

A focus on people

When in doubt, we think about how we can best make people’s lives easier and happier.

Our team

The Atlas team

What qualifies us to create and lead a benefits management platform for global teams?  We are a global team, just like yours.

a person smiling for the camera
Karen Serfaty

CEO & Co-founder

a person smiling for the camera
Lele Lester

Head of Engineering
& Co-founder

a person with a black shirt
Giani Rossi

Head of Partnerships
& Co-founder


HR Coordinator

Ines Okecki

Head of Marketing

a woman with long hair
Soledad Barrionuevo

Head of CX

Aldana Sevillano

Accounting OPS Coordinator

a woman smiling for the camera
Agus Panizza

Key Account Manager

a man with a beard
José Sforza

Account Executive

Nicolás Alvarez Quiros

Lead Product Designer

a woman with long hair
Jacqueline Perez Benary

Marketing Coordinator

a person with short hair
Martina Faverio

Video Designer

Our investors

The people backing us

Jason Calacanis
Jason Calacanis

Twitter, Uber, Robinhood, Canva

Daniel Gross
Daniel Gross

Pioneer, Partner @ YC, Apple

Alex Iskold
Alex Iskold

Partner @ 2048, Techstars, Harvard

Claire Hughes Johnson

COO @ Stripe

And other amazing investors from companies like Intercom, Zapier and WeWork.

Open roles

Looking to join our team? (remotely, of course!)

Join our team and help us in our mission to facilitate the best contractor benefits. because we work in employee benefits, you can expect some notable perks of your own!

Sales Development Representative


Fully remote

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Let's talk about your
benefits plan

If you're considering offering benefits to your employees in Latin America and around the world,
we can assist you. Schedule a call with our team of advisors to learn how we can work together.

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